21st March to 20th April

You Arians are suckers for the supernatural and occult phenomena, and today you will indulge in this hobby. You may buy a glossy hard-bound book on tantra or other paranormal things. Ooh, spooky! However, be real careful to use the knowledge that ... Read more


21st April to 21st May

Waddup Taurians? You guys will find yourself at the crossroads. Remember, each turn and twist will come with its share of pros and cons. Be careful of your emotions, cause they may mess up your health. You may spend quality time with family and ... Read more


22nd May to 21st June

You Geminis are so cute that you’ll be filled with concern and sensitivity towards others today. It is totally adorbs, but being too emotional is not a good thing. Your emotions could get in the way of your progress at the work-front. Try ... Read more


22nd June to 22nd July

Behold and be forewarned! Today will be a day full of challenges. Temptations to plunge into a new venture will be soaring. Calm down, people! There is no need for haste or anxiety in this regard. On the upside, all pending work will be completed. ... Read more


23rd July to 22nd Aug

You’re a passionate and emotional person which results in frequent and sudden outbursts of emotions. Today, your anger may erupt abruptly. And, we all know when that happens, you get pretty carried away. You don’t even notice anyone and anything ... Read more


23rd Aug to 22nd Sept

Heads up, Virgos! Stay clear of a coalition when it comes to business ventures. Alone, you can manage an entire stampede. By your own, you are, by far, the best administrator of your department. You rule, guys! Today, find yourself being the general ... Read more


23rd Sept to 22nd Oct

You Librans are hisaab ke barabar. Favours are acknowledged and so are hate comments. Well, it’s time to settle some of those important accounts. *insert knuckle cracking sounds* What will this do, apart from giving you immense satisfaction? This ... Read more


23rd Oct to 22nd Nov

Whatcha up to, Scorpions? Socially, you enjoy being in the limelight as all the eyes are focused on you. Yep, you’re just like homegirl Sushmita Sen. However, beware of the evil eyes that may not have good intentions towards you. We’ve all been ... Read more


23rd Nov to 21st Dec

Good day for you Sagittarians! Why? Cause your business will be on fire today. Financial returns increase? Check. You will be ultra happy for the entire day. You will see positive, positive work in progress. Things will be so good that your expert ... Read more


22nd Dec to 20th Jan

Ahoy Capricorns! The day calls for making amends and undoing the damage done to your relationships. So, you will a 100% focus on improving your rapport with them relatives and peers. But, despite your beautiful approach, family feud may occur ... Read more


21st Jan to 18th Feb

You are a strong-willed person, and during the toughest of times you remain focused. You know what will make it better? A constant smile on your face and a positive attitude. This will help you win the hearts and minds of people at work as well as ... Read more


19th Feb to 20th March

What’s up, Pisceans? Today, you will manage your “work-time” and your “me-time” perfectly well. You’ll be so brilliant that you will excel at home and at work. So, while you will prove to be the right person for the job assigned to you ... Read more