21st March to 20th April

Today, you Arians may just want to delve deep into yourself and do nothing else. You’ll (finally) realize the importance of polishing the mirror of your soul. Spontaneity is important too, and spending time with children is an excellent way to ... Read more


21st April to 21st May

How you doin, Taurians? There is a strong possibility that you will work extremely hard to prove yourself at your workplace today. At times, the returns may not be in proportion to your efforts, but don’t get too sad. Remember, your things always ... Read more


22nd May to 21st June

No matter how amazing or not amazing the day goes, the evening will be the highlight of your day. Because you’ll be spending it with your boo bear. Totally adorbs! It will be one of the better days in business; you will be able to earn enough ... Read more


22nd June to 22nd July

You, Cancerians, might start your day by spending a great deal of time thinking about your career and future. In the afternoon, you will come up with a super-cool plan on how to go about it, and by evening, you may even put the plan into action. ... Read more


23rd July to 22nd Aug

What’s up, Leos? If only we were more in sync with ourselves, we could avoid so many troubles, amirite? Well, today it seems you’re going to have no qualms in listening to your inner voice as you strive for excellence in all your efforts. Being ... Read more


23rd Aug to 22nd Sept

Sup, Virgos? Here’s today’s inspo- Reap and harvest the good things in your life; do not get too carried away by the bad stuff. Today, you may feel like you’ve arrived at your wits’ end. You will probably sort all of it when you sit down ... Read more


23rd Sept to 22nd Oct

Today, it is rather unlikely that you will get whatever you wish for. Happens, guys happens. Let’s worry about your workplace for a while- internal conflicts and all, you know. All you need to do is manage the entire situation with your super ... Read more


23rd Oct to 22nd Nov

Whatcha up to, Scorpions? You all will be welcoming refreshing new changes in your life today. Even if you woke up feeling hella miserable, you are going to be ultra cheerful throughout the day. You do share sun-signs with LK Advani. At work, you ... Read more


23rd Nov to 21st Dec

Trouble is brewing, and there is a strong possibility of you being caught up in it real bad. *makes a face* Hate it when that happens! But as things progress, you will become high-spirited and noble-minded. Later in the day, a cozy time spent with ... Read more


22nd Dec to 20th Jan

So, here’s the thing- IRL, a lot of times we end up doing stuff because we’re quite inspired by someone’s thought-provoking actions. Today, too, you’re actions will be inspired. Later in the day, however, you may get into arguments that may ... Read more


21st Jan to 18th Feb

Your creativity will be of utter importance today. Music will give an outlet to your emotions and creativity. You will aim for the bull's eye, and to everyone's surprise (maybe not), you'll hit it too. The day is expected to go well; however, some ... Read more


19th Feb to 20th March

Waddup, Pisceans? Today, your cauldron of conflicts will boil over and over. *hears the word cauldron, starts dreaming about wizards like James Potter* At work, confrontations with your peers are a distinct possibility. Make sure you do think twice ... Read more