21st March to 20th April

You're finally impressed by the yogis. A degree course in the Art of Living? Fellow Arian Mariah Carey approves. You may even fulfill a desire to begin lessons in music or dance, or something that has interested you since long. A good, good day, and ... Read more


21st April to 21st May

How you doin, Taurians? Your romantic relationship will be working on an overdrive today. You will discover answers to the finer aspects of your love life (aww!). Overall, you will have a refreshingly creative outlook all through the day. It is a ... Read more


22nd May to 21st June

Guys, start paying more attention to yourself. Start today. You are kind and generous, but that only means that you end up paying more attention to others than to yourself. Trust us; it’s high time you take care of yourself, or you’ll regret it. ... Read more


22nd June to 22nd July

Heya fellas! There’ll be something different about today. The moment you start believing that there is nothing exceptional about this day, it’s going to spring a surprise and make your day. But, but, don’t get all smirky; always remember the ... Read more


23rd July to 22nd Aug

Yo Leos! Bad day alert! We often see ourselves in these kinda situations where we start the day in a tensed atmosphere, caused by some annoyance on the part of a family member. But, but, as the day lights up, so would your mood, and yes, do thank ... Read more


23rd Aug to 22nd Sept

Hello Virgos! The bulb of ideas in you will shine bright today, but, with some possible contractual obligations and current duties baffling your brain. But take a chill pill guys, cuz new contacts are going to help you out and stand you in good ... Read more


23rd Sept to 22nd Oct

Sit back and think hard, Librans— think about what is it that you really want when it comes to your business enterprises, because there are many ways to go about things at work, and they all shall lead your somewhere different. The stars have ... Read more


23rd Oct to 22nd Nov

You Scorpions shall trot on the lines of radicalism today. Learn to be open to your thoughts, but act as others would have you do. Well, at least for today. Be the maverick that you are only with those who are closest and dearest to you. FYI, you ... Read more


23rd Nov to 21st Dec

You guys may have been experiencing back-breaking, hair-falling stress. But today, you gotta say bye to all of it, cuz things are going to begin to clean up. As complex issues start to fall in place, you’re going to receive some deadly good news ... Read more


22nd Dec to 20th Jan

Your company’s got some issues, and you have very lil experience. Yet, your boss chooses you to get the company out of the troubles. Why? Because they trust your intelligence, skills, and potential. In fact, you’ll be assigned to deal with some ... Read more


21st Jan to 18th Feb

You peeps can’t get enough of shopping, which is exactly what you’ll do today. Enjoying life to the fullest should not make you broke. Remember, no one wants to live off their parents, rite? Also be on a lookout for creeps watching your every ... Read more


19th Feb to 20th March

Beware today, guys. Take one cautious step at a time. You’ll thank us. You guys may open up about them feels at home and at work. It is a beautiful thing but, tread carefully cuz not everyone is trustworthy. It sucks, we know. Even though you are ... Read more